Skincare while traveling

Health is a very essential factor in our lives. According to plastic surgeon Dallas, it is a common denominator that everyone should be able to narrow down to daily health care. In that case you have to take care of each and every part of the body. The skin is one large organ of the body and carries out lots of function, hence you have to ensure it is well taken care of. On the contrary, it is very hard to take care of the skin unless you have the knowledge of the fundamental tips on taking care of the skin. On the other hand, you have to ensure that you take good care while traveling.

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Following the availed tips you can have the ideas of how to take care while traveling.

#1. Carry your own beauty bag.

You must be able to understand what you are likely to carry during the trip. In that case you have to carry the specific items which you are likely to use while taking care. You can alternatively carry small clear zip bag where you can be bale to place your items.

You can carry

  • hand sanitizer,
  • hand cream,
  • lip balm,
  • moisturizer
  • hydrating cleanser.

This is the best way to plan ahead before traveling.

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#2. Avoid too much make up.

It’s important to note that while traveling you need to apply less makeup. Lots of makeup is likely to contribute to drying. Dry skin is very much bad  since it might cause to peel off. In that case it is time to make some compromises and ensure that the skin is at its best look. However, you can do some light make up which you can be able to remove with the wet wipes or moisturizers cleansers. The cleansers are likely to help remove the remains of makeup that have clogged the skin pores. Once the skin pores are relived then you are likely to have the best feeling ever.

#3. Hydrate the skin.

It is very essential to hydrate the skin as often as possible. In that case the skin needs to be hydrated and maintain its moisture each and every time. Make sure that you have the moisturizer conveniently throughout the travel. The products must be within your reach to avoid any issues while picking them. You should ensure that you have made a special arrangement of the product before settling for the journey.

#4. Don’t forget sunscreen.

Sunscreen is very important due to its benefits of protecting  from harmful rays of the sun. These kind of rays if left to penetrate to the skin can easily cause harm on the skin cells. In fact,they can easily make the skin prone to diseases such as cancer and other harmful factors. It is of great essence to carry your sunscreen that is likely to protect the skin from unnecessary ray that might affect your health. The sunscreen should be applied often meaning every time before exposure to the sun.In that case you also ensure that there is enough shade where you are sitting to protect the skin.

#5. Stay hydrated.

Water is one of the basic needs of the skin. It enables great rejuvenation and supplies enough moisture to the skin. On the other hand, if you are an alcoholic you should avoid it since it enables dehydration. The best natural medicine of the skin is water. It tends to smooth and maintain its color.

#6. Eating a balanced diet.

It is very obvious that most of us assume that a balanced diet is only meant for the body. You should be able to understand that eating the right kind of food keeps the skin very healthy. Most nutrients are needed to build the skin. You might consider cellulite treatment in Dallas. For instance vitamins are essential when it comes to maintaining the skin health and glow. Other nutrients also play a role in building the skin cells and making them stronger. With that you might not be able to suffer from skin diseases or other substances that might affect the skin.

Taking care of the skin is very essential. During your journey or vacation you should ensure that the right products to maintain the skin are available. Using the availed tips above, you can have the best skin while traveling.

Visiting the Harbor


the harbor

After picking up some friends from their cruise ship we traveled around to some of the more popular sites in the city. Including the ancient harbor. I took the opportunity to take some quick shots with my phone and now I’m able to share some of them with you. This harbors been around for more than two thousand years and while not always so orderly and organized this beautiful spot has become a huge destination for tourists. I love the stark contrast in light coming off the boats as opposed to the water.

The colored photos would show you how beautiful the water is but since it’s in black and white and we’re dreaming you’ll just have to pretend you see how pretty the turquoise waters are.

The Way In

arches - 01

There are lots of ways down to the harbor but we took this one in from the main street we walked down through the shaded ancient walkways of the old walled city and enjoyed the Greek and Turkish styled homes as well as several other interesting artifacts. It was fun shopping at the vendors along the way and we had some tasty teas including a hibiscus and a menthol eucalyptus tea that nearly knocked me out it was so strong on the senses. If you go in morning or afternoon you don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on you because the streets are so narrow and the buildings cast long shadows for you to escape the heat of the strong sun.

The ground can be somewhat slippery and very slippery when wet. I really don’t know why they went to so much trouble seven years ago to put soap stone down as if the beautifying value was more important than the safety of the pedestrians.


Trees and Parks

palm tree 01

The park overlooking the port and the cliff side city has many beautiful palms and a wonderful tea garden. You might enjoy visiting the site some day possibly tour Turkey and see the colors that go with these monochromatic dreams. There’s a lot more to see so don’t quit yet. You’ll find that these dream like locations are pretty, but they’re also very tasty.

Fish Sandwich

Who wouldn’t want a fish sandwich to go along with a beautiful day on the Mediterranean. This one set me back $3 and came with a salad buffet to stuff in between the bread and fish. Top it off with a spicy hot red carrot drink and you’re talking about one local delight. So, with full stomachs we head back to the cruise ship and continue to tour Turkey. I guess we’ll see something else impressive in the near future.

If you’d like to consider viewing some other places in the world you’re in for a treat because Greece is coming up soon. In the mean time keep dreaming in vivid technicolor while I consider all the many beautiful aspects of a monochromatic life.

Black and Whites from my Latest Tour of Turkey

blackandwhite-beach01Enjoying the beach in Antalya is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I spent my first days of spring on the beach with my son watching the waves come in and enjoying the water. The only other people to brave the waters were a group of teenage boys who were enjoying the day. It was not unusual for them to rush from the cold waters to the warm stones where they could warm their bodies.

I was there because my friend’s son really wanted to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. His son had touched the waters before of the warm middle earth sea, but he had never dipped in the white waters of the Akdeniz – Turkish for white. We spent a lot of time together with my friend and his son over a weeks period and a lot of people stopped and stared at him in Turkey. You see this young boy is from Burkina Faso and his family stand out in Turkey. During their tour of turkey they spent a lot of time visiting new places.


My friend started his visit in Ankara. His first stops were to some other friends of ours. He spent a week with them visiting the castle walls, their preschool and several other places including the memorial site of Ataturk and the Museum of Ancient Civilizations. There was no shortage of things to see but in the time he had to get around he saw a few fair sites.

After their week in Ankara taking in the sites they made their way down to see us and we took them to see Perge, Kaleici, and a couple other sites before their departure for Istanbul. These photos are just a few from their Ankara. Enjoy


The flight was good and the price was great coming down and we went to some awesome ancient sites in Antalya. The best of which were ancient ruins. Here are some photos from that time including a great shot of the ancient city of Perge. You’ll note the walls are all under repair as the city is super old. Reading more about the city is something I’d suggest for you to do. Walking around this city gets more interesting every time we visit. The site is under constant restoration and archaeologists are uncovering the palace the main thoroughfares and many other sites in the area. These photos will show some of the progress going on at the site and my favorites.


Welcome to my Monochromatic Site

Get ready for the life of the truly color blind. This will be an exploration in the life of those who see nothing short of the starkest of contrasts in life, beauty and especially photography. Keep posted for my future writings regarding film, politics, travel, business and many other aspects of life. If you’re looking for a place to find contrast for your life this is the site for you.


To start things off I’ll post a picture from my travels. This was once a place where sailors would leave their offerings for Apollos before heading out to sea. The sailors would prepare themselves for the arduous journey as they headed off to sea. So, off we go into the wild white and black world of black and white dreaming.