Reasons Why a Website Needs Mobile Optimization

First things first, what is mobile optimization? Simply put, mobile optimization is changing your website for the utmost convenience and usability of users accessing the site from mobile devices. About a decade ago, the mobile devices we have now weren’t all that popular so sites were mostly designed for desktop users.  However, currently, there is no denying that everyone is on mobile, and that mobile devices are going to be around for a long, long time. This makes mobile optimization fundamental for any business, to cater for the different screen sizes, the amount of time the site takes to load and other variables. It focusses on the site’s structure, design, page speed and much more, to make sure it effectively engages mobile users too. This article is prepared by Fort Wort Seo company to explain the reasons why a website needs mobile optimization.

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Why Does a Site Need Mobile Optimization?
Mobile optimization in this technological era has a myriad of benefits. Here are some that should convince you to implement the strategy.

Improved User Experience.
Seeing as everyone is on mobile now, a huge number of users are likely to access your site from their mobile devices. And this is not mere hearsay. Statistically, 80% of internet users are on smartphones and the numbers seem to be going further up. In the event that your site is not mobile-friendly and a first-time visitor experiences problems like poor loading of content, chances are, they may never visit your site again. You could lose loyal customers too! It is important to make your site more optimized for mobile to ensure that you are not unintentionally turning customers away.

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Search Engine Optimization
Search engines like Google are now are in support of mobile optimization. They are taking steps toward more mobile friendly’ websites by rewarding sites that are optimized for mobile, and penalizing those that aren’t. For example, on Google, optimized sites earn a badge alongside the site’s name to show users that your site is mobile friendly. You could also get more traffic to your site due to higher positions in search results, because mobile friendly sites are favored by Google.

Sets Your Brand Apart
While optimization should be a necessity in the current technological era, the reality on the ground is that many businesses are yet to optimize their sites for mobile. This presents an opportunity for you to get ahead of competition by optimizing yours, hence giving you an edge. Optimization guarantees customer satisfaction, as well as upholding your brand reputation so it’s a surefire win-win strategy.

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Social Media Referrals
Social media websites have become incredibly popular. They have become a conduit for advertising and marketing, and businesses are paying big bucks for some kind of social media marketing. For the most part, social media sites are accessed through mobile devices so there is a very good chance that if you get traffic to your site off of social media referrals, it will be, in fact, on these very mobile devices.
If your site is not optimized and is unresponsive on mobile, your money and efforts to get advertised on social media will simply go to waste. Mobile optimization ensures smooth, uninterrupted transitions from social media sites to your website. So make the most of social media audiences by optimizing and bring a surge of traffic your way.

Different Viewing Habits
Mobile users have been proven to consume visual media like pictures and videos in high amounts. Case in point, mobile apps like Instagram, Vine and Pinterest. These sites achieved instant success by predominantly offering images and short videos. This goes on to show that users behave differently while on mobile.
Optimization helps you take advantage of this power of visual media to capture traffic.

Mobile Users Buy More
Research has shown that smartphone users make small and frequent purchases. Desktop users on the other hand, not so much. Tablet users conduct the most online transactions compared to any other device, including desktops. So if you seek to sell something on your site, now you know your ideal audience. If you are not optimized yet, you are clearly missing out.

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In conclusion, mobile optimization is of rising importance as mobile trends are only becoming more popular. You need a website that will work seamlessly across different devices and platforms. You will need to put in work in designing a responsive website and hours analyzing engagement with users and adjusting suitably, but the reward is definitely worth it.

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